Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll



This collection of dances would make beautiful mandala patterns when seen from above. Spanish Star leads from a large circle to several small circles, then from small stars to one large star. A powerful piece of music from Karl Jenkins was the inspiration for Palladio – dancing the 8 pointed star and infinity symbol. Two more modern classical pieces of music have inspired my chakra dances Sanza and Spiegel im Spiegel. A rumba from Brazil, a gentle Scottish strathspey and 2 graceful Russian dances make up the collection.

Name of Dance Musician/Singer
Adeo Thomas Otten
Cirandara Luciane Menezes and Paul de Brauna
Lachian Saw Dance* Leos Janacek
My Scottish Love Oliver Schroer
Om Shanti Bliss
Palladio Escala
Rose Mandala Laura Powers
Sanza Thomas Otten
Spanish Star* Susana Pena
Spiegel im Spiegel* Nicola Benedetti & Alexei Grynyuk
The Sun is Rising* Boris Vorantsov
Waltz of the Young Maidens Oliver Schroer
Waterlily Boris Vorontsov

*Music has been edited
*This music is included with the DVD