Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll

What is Circle Dancing?

Circle Dancing is open to everyone. No experience is necessary as all the dances are taught first. No partner is needed as we all join hands and dance together. The circle of dancers are welcoming and supportive and we can all have fun and make friends while learning dances to music from around the world. We always say ‘There are no mistakes in Circle Dancing – only variations’.

Circle Dancing is good exercise

Circle Dancing is a mixture of traditional folk dances and contemporary dances to music – traditional, classical, modern, fun and meditative. I know of no other form of dancing that offers so much variety of style, tempo, rhythm and music. It is light to moderate exercise, good for the memory and coordination, meaningful and uplifting.

Dancing in a circle is the oldest form of community dance. Traditional folk dances celebrate the seasons, work, life, love and loss. These dances introduce us to music and rhythms that we would not normally meet. To me it is like stepping into the shoes of someone from a country and culture which is very different to mine. Learning these dances helps us to understand and celebrate our differences and is a step towards acceptance and peace between us all.

Circle Dancing is happening in village and church halls around the UK and other countries. It is done in schools and care-homes, cathedrals and stone circles, gardens and beaches. There are special days and weekends and Circle Dance holidays. Contact me to try it yourself or find out more from Links and our magazine Grapevine.

Large Circle Dancing Group - Uplifting

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