Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll

Cocktail Party


This includes my first choreography – Irish Tipple, which quickly spread around the Circle Dance world. It is a fun dance which lifts the spirits and makes everyone smile. I hope the rest of the collection, which includes Latin American – Chica Quapa and Galleguita, and Greek – Ola Kala and Zilia Mou, will do the same.

Name of Dance Musician/Singer
Alta es la Luna Savina Yannatou
Carol’s Ceilidh The Huckleberries
Chica Quapa Peret
Galleguita* The Chieftains
Gentle Jig Aine Minogue
Happy Feet* A Whittard Compilation
Tape no longer available
Irish Tipple The Huckleberries
Just a Little While Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick
Mi Nada Um Ca Tem Maria de Barros
Ola Kala * George Dalaras
Reel Beatrice Sharon Shannon
Rejoice and Be Merry * Unknown
Zilia Mou Haris Alexiou

*Music has been edited
*This music is included with the DVD



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