Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll

Fiesta de la Vida


Fiesta de la Vida was created and named for my Beltaine dance weekends called Feast of Life and it is a fun, Latin, partner dance which has become very popular. Also by the same group Pink Martini, is Hang on Little Tomato, a slow but meaningful Jazz number which will also make you smile. Puerto Claridad is another Latin one one, danced unjoined and Kori Katrina a lovely Greek dance with music by George Dalaras. This DVD also includes 3 dances for the winter festive season.

Name of Dance Musician/Singer
Arre Borriquito Trio Nueva Generacion
Fiesta de la Vida Pink Martini
Hang on Little Tomato Pink Martini
Harom Szeki Kormoran
Kori Katryna George Dalaras
La Ricciolina Fonola Band
Leprechaun* James Galway
Logia George Dalaras
Maoz Tsur* Chanukah
More Love More Power* Melinda Dumitrescu
Puerto Claridad Putumayo Music from the Wine Land
Streetbeat Putumayo Music from the Wine Land
Velho Fado Putumayo Music from the Wine Land
Venez Danser Georges Moustaki

*Music has been edited
*This music is included with the DVD