Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll


We danced with Barbara last weekend and were over the moon with the experience. She has the wonderful music and beautiful/clever steps that I associate with Stefan’s dances. Her manner and teaching clarity reminds me of Mandy de Winter. Her spirit in the world is evocative of Lesley Laslett. A gently transformative experience that doesn’t force change but warms and invites like a hearth fire. If I could, I would fly to you to dance with her this weekend. I would urge anyone who is able to give yourselves the gift of dancing with Barbara Driscoll!
Brigitte and Geoffrey from Cobourg, Ontario. Canada

Lots of people put steps to music but Barbara choreographs dances
Judy King

When someone introduces a “new” choreographed dance the odds are that it will be a collage of familiar elements – the usual steps recycled. So I was delighted when I met Barbara Driscoll’s dances which feel vibrant, fresh and capture the unique spirit of the music. Barbara teaches with gentle clarity, dances with style and interweaves steps from Tango, Salsa, Irish step dancing etc into her circle dances. This extends our dance vocabulary and bring new flavours and pleasures into the circle. Many of her dances are joyful but she also touches deep stillness with dances such as “Wash Your Spirit Clean”, a simple dance which feels like a healing ritual, choreographed to a contemporary Native American song. Highly recommended. Don’t miss her visit!
Stefan Freedman

You are an exquisite choreographer and the music you choose is wonderful, stunning. You teach with gentleness, love and such skill that all the dances feel accessible to me. When the weekend was coming to a close and we were all dancing together as one, I can only describe it as a feeling of “falling in love” – with the dance, with the circle. Thanks, with all my heart, for creating this sweet and joyful experience
Sheryl from Edmonton Alberta Canada