Strictly Circle Dance

Circle Dancing with Barbara Driscoll

Holiday Testimonials

We had a wonderful time @ La Maison Anglaise. The staff were so nice and so knowledgeable and helpful. The room was lovely. The food was great – always a treat for vegans to not have to worry! We really enjoyed all the cultural experiences and the outings. We were aware of the strong commitment to sustainability and the involvement in local co operatives and conservation. We wouldn’t have gone if that hadn’t been the case – we’d decided, about 10 yrs ago that we wouldn’t fly again. Anyway, we were so glad that we did go and wouldn’t have missed it for anything! I’d just add that the dancing was perfect; Barbara is a great circle dance teacher and having it in the evenings was just right for us. Finally being in a lovely friendly group was another great aspect of the holiday.
Sandra Barnett

It was like no other holiday I have experienced, with a real insight into the life of the local people. The staff were so welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable and talented. Our rooms were comfortable and spacious and the food absolutely delicious. Everything about the holiday was special, but the highlights were the impromptu dancing at the Women’s Co-op to the women’s singing and clapping, the Berber Band and the Hammam visit, which provided an amazing bonding experience at the beginning of the holiday and much laughter then and throughout the week. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful opportunity to have a genuine Moroccan experience.
Eileen Barker

I’m still basking in the glow of our lovely holiday, while the rain is hammering at the window outside. What a wonderful experience we had. The trips arranged were fascinating, and allowed us to gain some knowledge and respect for the people and the country which was a real privilege. Dounia was such a good guide for us, giving us lots of information and answering all our questions with willingness to share. As mainly a women’s group it was good to learn that life for Moroccan women is improving. I’ve travelled a bit and experienced many types of holiday. I’ve been privileged to go to India and experience villages, temples and educational establishments through knowledgeable eyes. This holiday was different in that we were helped to see it through local eyes because the wonderful staff were all local. It was unique and very special. I felt privileged to be part of it. Barbara‚Äôs input was sensitive as always – I loved the way she echoed in the dance in the evening what we had all experienced during the day. Carry on doing what you do – we love it!
Rosina Pritchard

I have returned from Taroudant after an amazing week at La Maison Anglaise with Angela and Barbara Driscoll’s circle dance group; what a fabulous set-up you have there! I want to congratulate you on the guest house and your organisation; everything was very well done and the staff both efficient and welcoming. Accommodation and food were excellent. I particularly loved seeing ‘real’ Morocco and felt privileged to visit local people’s homes and businesses. You are doing such good work there with your various projects – very inspiring
Stephanie Rose